Bootcamp Pilates is no more!


It was a tough decision but starting in 2016 Bootcamp Pilates will now be known as Pilates Plus. But don’t worry, the classes themselves haven’t changed. You’ll still get the same great mix of Pilates, strength work, boxing and stretching.


Better Exercise Physiology


Why Pilates Plus?

Pilates Plus is short for Pilates + Fitness. It encapsulates the essence of what our classes are all about. When you come along to a class you get the benefits of Pilates along with a great fitness workout. There’s really nothing else like it (as far as we know).


The problem with Bootcamp Pilates

As mentioned it was a tough decision to get rid of the Bootcamp Pilates name. It’s been with us since we started and over that time the classes have gained a loyal following. But unfortunately the name Bootcamp Pilates didn’t really describe our specialised brand of class properly. You see ‘bootcamp’ style classes are all about working people into the ground and pushing them as hard as you can. This is a very simple way of training people and one that we don’t agree with. A big part of what we believe in is the idea of ‘Intelligent Fitness’ and Bootcamp classes are anything but.


What is Intelligent Fitness?

This is a smarter way to train. It involves making intelligent decisions about the type of exercise you do, how much you do and how you go about it. Intelligent Fitness ensures you get the best results. It ensures you minimise your injury risk. And it ensures you keep coming back.

For example, exercises like doing burpees don’t fit under the concept of Intelligent Fitness; they’re a useless exercise that cause more harm than good. You also won’t see much sprinting in our classes. There’s nothing wrong with sprinting but for middle aged people who are not athletes, this is a quick way to injure yourself.

At the end of the day every exercise we give in class follows this idea of intelligent fitness and therefore we had to get rid of the name ‘Bootcamp Pilates’.


In a nutshell, why is Pilates Plus so good?

  1. We combine Pilates with a mix of fitness exercises, like boxing, running and weights. This means you get the best of both worlds
  2. We cater to beginners, pre/post natal mums and people returning from injury. Don’t hurt yourself at the gym, come see us instead
  3. Our classes are kept small so you get direct attention every class
  4. We believe in using intelligent fitness to get better results for you every time you train


What is the future of Pilates Plus?

We have big things planned for 2016, some we can share, others that will have to remain a secret for now. We aim to add more classes to our ever expanding schedule including Pilates HIIT, a high intensity class for those that like a challenge. As well as new classes, we’re planning more social days, challenges and home workouts. There’ll also be new equipment and we’ve added the option of Personal Training for those that need more one on one support.


Looking to join?

If you’re not already a member I encourage you to come down and give it a go. We’ve got 4 great trainers and an every expanding schedule of classes. This is the best workout, that’s our guarantee. Take us up on the challenge!

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