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Here you will find all our Pilates classes, strength training and a huge library of exercise tips and tricks. Enjoy!

Correct Posture: How To Find Your Neutral Spine

Holding a neutral spine is so important to keeping your low back safe. You can apply this Pilates principle to lifting, sitting or simply standing with correct posture. In the video, I show you how to find a neutral spine with a simple Pilates exercsie. Enjoy  

Low Back Pain: How To Do Core Exercises Safely

In this video I’ve got a really cool tip for you. Do you get low back pain when doing core exercises like sit ups and crunches? If so, then this tip is going to be massive. I’m going to show you 1 simple trick to help do your core exercises safely. Check it out Thanks!…

Low Back Pain: When is it safe to start exercise?

In this video I answer a viewer question, “when is it safe to start exercising following an injury” The answer: straight away. Of course you want to be guided by a knowledgeable professional, but basically you’re going to get better treatment outcomes the sooner you start exercising again. In most cases that means starting with…