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Here you will find all our Pilates classes, strength training and a huge library of exercise tips and tricks. Enjoy!

Low Back Pain: The #1 Stretch I Give To My Clients

This is probably the most important video we’ve put out on low back pain.

Out of all the exercises I give my Pilates clients this is my favourite and the favourite amongst my clients as well.

Why? Because it feels amazing if you have a stiff and sore back. And literally anyone can do it, whether you’ve just pulled your back yesterday or been living in pain your entire life.

How to hold a plank with proper technique

In this week’s video I run you through the common mistakes people make when doing a plank. For such a simple exercise it’s surprising how many people can’t do a plank properly. And if you’ve had back pain in the past doing this exercise poorly can actually make it worse. The 2 most common mistakes…

Why Upper Back Mobility is Important for Your Golf Swing

In this video you’ll learn why upper back (also known as thoracic) mobility is so important to your golf swing. Especially for avoiding injuries like tennis/golfers elbow, low back or shoulder pain. For a great way to improve your thoracic mobility check out this Pilates exercise Bow and Arrow Stretch Click HD for full quality

Bow and Arrow Stretch

This is one of my favourite Pilates exercises for relieving tightness across your upper back (especially with sitting). Click HD for full quality