Exercise Videos

Here you will find all our Pilates classes, strength training and a huge library of exercise tips and tricks. Enjoy!

Video: Pilates class 26 – 5 minute core workout

Check out this weeks Express Pilates Class for an awesome core workout. It’s super short (~5mins) to make it easy for you to get started with Pilates. Enjoying the videos? Share the video and help us continue to grow 🙂 Better Exercise Physiology – Healesville’s Exercise Clinic

Q&A: How often should you exercise?

How many days a week do you exercise? In this video learn the right amount of days to do, learn how many rest days you should have and learn the number one rule to help make sure you’re getting it right. Better Exercise Physiology – Healesville’s exercise clinic

Video: Pilates class 25 – Pelvic stability

Do you get back pain? The number one key to decreasing back pain and developing a strong core is learning how to stabilise you pelvis. This lays the foundation for a strong spine. ‘Pelvic stability’ is the focus of this week’s Express Pilates class. Better Exercise Physiology – Pilates in Healesville