Clinical Pilates Classes Healesville


Working with an Exercise Physiologist, our Clinical Pilates Classes help to treat injuries and manage pain.


Located in Healesville our classes are limited to just of 3 people, this way you get individual attention and your own program of Pilates exercises. With Pilates we focus on improving posture, core strength and flexibility.

Each class goes for about 45 minutes and combines exercises down on the mat, up on the Pilates reformer and standing.

Clinical Pilates in Healesville 
We specialise in helping with injuries like:

Low back pain

Neck and shoulder pain

Hip and knee issues


The benefits you’ll see from regularly doing Clinical Pilates:

Decreased injuries and pain

Increased core strength

Improved posture and flexibility

Feeling stronger and fitter


What’s the difference between Clinical Pilates and Pilates classes run at a gym?

Our classes are run by Exercise Physiologists

You get a program tailored to you, your injuries and your ability

Small classes mean we can ensure you’re using correct technique

We can ensure the exercises are helping your injury, not making it worse


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Q. “Can I do the classes if I have an injury?”

A. Yes, these are ‘Clinical’ Pilates classes that are specifically designed to help treat injuries. In your initial assessment we’ll assess your injury to determine what is the best course of treatment.

Q. “What if I can’t do an exercise?”

A. The entire session is designed around you, which means we adjust the exercises to suit your specific needs. This may mean doing the exercises up on a bench. Avoiding kneeling. Or starting with chair based exercises. Whatever level you’re at we’ll work with you.

Q. “How long before I can expect to see results”

A. In most cases you’ll start to feel better immediately – with the right exercises you’ll walk out feeling stronger than when you came in. After 4-8 classes however you will really start to notice the greatest improvements in strength and function along with decreased levels of pain.

Q. “How regularly should I come in?”

A. This depends on what your goals are. 2 classes a week are ideal for most people that want to see consistent results, however if you can only make it in once a week we will give you exercises to work on at home.


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