Healesville Clinical Pilates Timetable


When you sign up you’ll get:

Specific exercises designed to treat your injuries and get you back to full strength

A program of Pilates exercises to complete at home

A full posture and movement assessment to identify your areas of weakness

We currently have the following times available:

Mon 7am, 12noon, 2pm & 7pm

Tues 5pm & 6pm

Wed 8am, 12noon, 5pm, 6pm & 7pm

Thu 1:30 & 6pm

Fri 7am,

(please note these times can change on a day to day basis)

Last updated: 26/10/17


How membership Works:

On signing up new clients must commit to a minimum of 8 weeks. Prices are below and include the cost of your initial assessment.

All payments are set up via fortnightly direct debit.

After the initial 8 weeks you can cancel or change your membership at any time with sufficient notice.



We want to help,
however we only take clients who can tick the following boxes:

>    You want the best for yourself and your body

>    You can commit to doing at least one class a week

>   You don’t take yourself too seriously (because lives too short!)

>   You realise exercise is a long term challenge, not a quick fix


If this sounds like you then we’d love to hear from you


How to pay:

Payments are made via direct debit.

When you join up we will set up payments to come out of your nominated bank account on a fortnightly basis. There are no fees for either savings or credit card accounts.

If you are away on holidays you can pause your payments so as you won’t be charged. Just give us 3 weeks notice for any changes.


Cancellation policy:

No refunds can be made for cancelled or missed sessions. However any missed classes can be made up.

For example: if you miss a class one week you can shift to another time that week or do an extra class either the week before or after (subject to availability).

If you need to cancel your membership just give us 3 weeks notice.