Meditation Classes Healesville


Feeling stressed, run down and overworked? Feel like you need a holiday?


8 Week Meditation Course

We are excited to announce we are now offering meditation classes at The Healesville Wellness Factory.

This 8 week course is the ideal place to begin if you are new to meditation or looking to refine and develop your skills.


Meditation has be shown to calm the nervous system. This can have a tremendous effect on your overall health and wellbeing.



Meditation can help with



Chronic pain



But meditation is not just for people who are unwell.

Meditation is great for anyone looking to calm their mind and perform at their best.


Benefits of meditation

More relaxed in the evenings

Happier around family and friends

More productive and efficient during the day

Deeper and more restful sleep


What can you expect

Each class runs for 45 minutes

You will be taken through a mix of guided meditations, breathing and mindfulness practice

You can make yourself comfortable by sitting (chair or ground) or lying as you please



Monday evenings at 8pm for 8 weeks



The class is $20 per week or cheaper if you combine it with any of the Pilates or Yoga classes on our Group Class timetable. You can view the timetable here.


How to pay:

All payments are made via fortnightly direct debit (4 payments over 8 weeks).

You can set this up to come out of a bank account or credit card.

If there are any weeks you are away just let us know with 3 weeks notice so we can pause payments for you.


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