Pilates Plus Classes


What is Pilates Plus?

In short, Pilates Plus stands for Pilates + Fitness. This is the future of fitness.


Back in 2013 we were looking for a good place to refer our clients once their injuries had improved.

For the perfect workout they needed Pilates for a strong core. They’d also benefit from weight training, some cardio and of course stretching.

But the problem was, none of the classes we found had it all.


So after months of searching we decided we’d just have to create our own. And in early 2014 Pilates Plus was born.




3 Classes to Choose From

Pilates Fit. This is our trademark fitness class combining Pilates, boxing, strength work and stretching

Pilates Stretch. This class combines a mix of Pilates, yoga and myofascial release to leave you feeling longer, leaner and more flexible

Pilates HIIT. This class is our high intensity blend of Pilates, strength and cardio. Not for the feint hearted!



Who are the classes perfect for?

Beginners looking to get their fitness back on track

Anyone who wants to get fit without getting injured

Young mums and people returning from injuries that need to ease back into it


What makes these classes better?

You’ll do Pilates in every class for core strength and posture

Boxing and kettlebell training for fitness

Classes are planned by our Exercise Physiologists

We cater to beginners, young mums and people returning from injury


Pilates Plus Healesville


What we DON’T include

Long running. We keep our running short (10-50 metres) to minimise damage to your joints

Burpees. We want to build people up, not break them down

Sit ups. Pilates is a more effective way for training the core


Why should you join Pilates Plus?

To get fit and help manage a busy life

To keep up with your family and kids

To stand taller, feel stronger and boost confidence


Ready to take the next step?