Low Impact Class


If you want help exercising in a safe and supportive environment then our Low Impact Class is for you. The classes are designed for older adults or people wanting a gentle strength and balance class.


What is it?

The class has been designed for over 50’s that would like assistance to get fit and strong. Each 45 minute class is broken down into strength and balance exercises that can be completed at your own pace.


Who is it for?

50-85+ year olds


OR anyone with:

Diabetes or weight issues

Arthritis, joint pain or osteoporosis

 Heart disease, hypertension or high cholesterol

Pre or post hip and knee surgery



What does a class involve?

A combination of strength, balance and stretching exercises

Exercises are done in a circuit so you can work at your own pace and rest as you need

Classes last for 45 minutes


Why should you join?

Classes are run by Exercise Physiologists so you can be sure you’re doing the exercises right

We can adjust the exercises to suit your needs

The group environment is more fun than exercising on your own!


When and where?

Classes are run at the Healesville Wellness Factory (view contact details)

10am on Mondays

See table below for pricing


How to book?

Click on the link below to complete an online enquiry or call us on 5962 2697.

To get covered under Medicare (type 2 diabetics only) please get your doctor to fill out this referral form.

Note: Private paying clients can book without a doctors referral



Older Adults exercise Healesville


Still have questions, not sure if this class is right for you? Call us on 5962 2697 and we can answer all your questions.